UGG Event

Make Them Say Oooo, Not UGG!: UGG Event

UGG boots are a fashion staple for many celebrities, fashion icons, models. You also likely see your friends, family, neighbors, classmates, and work colleagues rocking this shoe. Depending on the style, they can cost you a pretty penny. This is why the Up to 30% Off UGGS event should be screamed about from the mountain tops!

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inexpensive clothing fixes: Sewing a Pocket

Sew Easy Inexpensive Clothing Fixes

Knowing how to properly apply patches, sew buttons, mend hems, and more could make your clothing last so much longer and look so much better. This guide to inexpensive clothing fixes is sew easy, and it reveals five useful fixes and cool applications that not only repair clothing, but gives it a new look! After putting these five simple projects to use you’ll be thrilled for being sew frugal and fashionable!

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Home Frenzy

It’s a Deal Frenzy! Save Big This Week!

Every once in a while, eBay Deals goes a little crazy. Better stated, we go into a Deal Frenzy! This is one of those moments. Don’t worry — it just means you get a crack at some of the best deals we offer across a wide selection of product categories.

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