Apple iPad Mini

Small is Better: Apple iPad Mini is $120 off!

We all secretly love Apple products. If you say you don’t then you’re only pretending you don’t because you feel like you need to be an Android-loving rebel. I’m not a rebel–I love me some Apple. The Apple iPad Mini is one of my personal favorite things in the world. It’s small enough to fit in my purse but big enough to watch Netflix on.

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Sony Blu-ray/DVD Player

Stay Tuned at Home: Sony Blu-ray/DVD Player at a 44% Discount

Movies at home are definitely the way to go. I love taking special trips for date night to the theater, but the cost adds up–and I love the pause feature at home. Get a Sony Blu-ray/DVD Player and save some cash. Not only can you save popcorn money, but you can save on the player as well.

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Casio Gzone Smartphone

Talk in the Tub: Casio Gzone Smartphone is 75% off!

Did you ever wish you could text from the shower? Neither have I. There are a lot of occasions where I’d love to bring my phone with…sometimes to receive/make calls and other times for the camera. The Casio Gzone Smartphone is a phone you can take anywhere.

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Pantech Pocket Smartphone

Ring Ring: Pantech Pocket Smartphone is $37 off!

Smartphones: they’re everywhere. Some are big, some are tiny, some are cheap, and some are a small mortgage payment. The Pantech Pocket Smartphone is a pint-sized phone that won’t make you dig deep into your pockets.

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