canvas ballet shoes

10 Low Cost Gifts for the Lady You Love

Heads up, people: Valentine’s Day is just over two weeks away! We’ve got you, though, no sweat. Each week in this space we showcase ten low cost gifts, each available for under ten dollars, that you can find on eBay Deals. This week we’ve got a special dedication to make: this one’s for the ladies!

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shockproof iphone 6 case

Protect Your Phone: Shockproof iPhone 6 Case for 43% Off

You’ve made the big investment: protect it! This Shockproof iPhone 6 Case provides thick, rugged protection for your smartphone.

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tactical molle rucksack

Small, Simple, Adaptable: 70% Off This Tactical Molle Rucksack

You don’t always need a big, huge backpack. For lighter travels and smaller feats, use this Tactical Molle Rucksack.

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