folding mountain bicycle

Folding Mountain Bicycle for Half Price!

As someone who travels often, I want one of these–especially at 49% off. This would be wonderful when I’m on the road. Before my first meeting of the day, I could pull this Folding Mountain Bicycle from my trunk and get my morning workout in while seeing some sites.

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elliptical glider machine

Lbs Glide Right Off: This Elliptical Glider Machine for Just Over $100!

Gym membership expenses turning you off? This Elliptical Glider Machine, now available at a 40% discount, will set you back just a little over $100 at $104.99–that’s a ONE time expense.

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dog playpen

A Play Place for Pooches: Pawhut Playpen Now 40% Off

Want your furry companion to get in some exercise without worrying that they’ll make a break for it? Pick up a Pawhut Playpen for $43.99 to keep your pooch contained while they get their outside time in.

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Sweat Solutions from Head to Toe

Breaking into a sweat is expected on certain occasions. It’s common at the gym or by the pool on a hot summer’s day. There are other times, however, when dampness isn’t as welcome—such as right before a major presentation or during a first date. Heat, stress, and anxiety can sometimes trigger your sweat glands to go into overdrive at the wrong moments. Don’t be a wet blanket (on the account of your soaked t-shirt)! If you’re in a sweaty situation, put the squeegee aside, and check out these simple head to toe sweat solutions to help you soak up some self-assurance.

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