5 Heartwarming Thanksgiving Stories

Thanksgiving is a special holiday. For many of us, it’s a time for family togetherness and a delicious meal, set against the backdrop of harvest decorations, Thanksgiving centerpieces, and festive dinnerware. But the holiday is not just about fun, food, or even our country’s colorful history. Thanksgiving, for many, is a time to open hearts and homes to people who could use a hand—whether in the form of friendship, company, or a hot meal. We’ve gathered five heartwarming Thanksgiving stories that truly live up to the holiday’s meaning. Read on for the details—you may be inspired to incorporate one of these touching traditions in your holiday plans this year.

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This Week’s Top 5 Gifts for Kids on eBay Deals!

There are so many different toys and other accessories you can buy for children these days, and it’s amazing how expensive some of them are! But check this out: on eBay Deals right now, there are a bevy of youth-focused items at great prices just waiting for your purchase. Here are five of our favorites.

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The Evolution of Halloween Costumes

Would you ever be caught dead on Halloween dressed as a giant rooster? What about a life-sized house fly or a side of bacon? (Okay, don’t answer that last one.) If it were October 31, 1890, you probably would have proudly donned any one of these fashions for a Halloween soiree or city parade. While the idea of such costumes might leave you in stitches, hold your cackle: there are more commonalities between costumes of today and those during the turn of the century than you might think. Sink your fangs into the haute Halloween looks from every decade. Who knows? You might just find inspiration from a past era.

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