green turbo tube slide

This Green Turbo Tube Slide is 33% Off Now!

Most play sets with at least a five foot deck will pair quite nicely with this Green Turbo Tube Slide, now available at a discount of 33%!

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Razor Electric Scooter

This Razor Electric Scooter for 57% Off

Run local errands or bop around your neighborhood in true green fashion–okay, actually matte grey fashion, but you know what we mean. This Razor Electric Scooter, now just $216.98, runs on a battery for up to 40 minutes and requires 12 hours of charging time to hit its super-torque speed of 15 mph.

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How to Train Like Katniss Everdeen

When it comes to incentivizing athletic performance, The Hunger Games takes the cake—after all, there’s no motivation like survival. With the newest flick hitting theaters this fall, Katniss’s toned physique is sure to incite some serious envy. The question now is how to train like Katniss Everdeen without access to the Capitol’s Training Center? This workout lineup will get you prepped and ready for tree climbing, archery, or whatever else life might throw your way.

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