Everything Has Its Price: How Much Cash Would You Need To Do X?

You’ve probably played a game of “Would You Rather?” or been the subject of some crazy dare. People love to push their limits and imagine what it would take to do something crazy. You’d probably say a significant amount of money could get you to do something bizarre — but just how much?

We surveyed more than 1,000 people and asked how much money it would take to persuade them to perform 23 different, unpleasant tasks. What do you think — do their responses match your thinking, or are you nope-ing on out of here? We first present the full interactive of the raw data, an infographic for the median response to each question, and a Flipbook highlighting key interesting facts.

Everything has it's price: how much cash would you need to do X?


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What do you think? Do these responses match your thinking? Or are you “nope”-ing on out of here?

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