40% Off 5-Pack DBTech Wireless Remote Control Power Outlet

DBTech 5 Pack Wireless Remote Control Power Outlet Plug Switch, Works thru Walls

This set of wireless remote control power outlets are so cool! You can use them to turn things on and off from just about anywhere in your house–with one remote, you can control the power to your air conditioner, heater, appliances, television, audio system, holiday decorations, lights, and pretty much anything else! These have a 60-foot range, and make life easier, more convenient, and modern.

40% off now on eBay Deals, the DBTech Wireless Remote Control Power Outlet Set is pretty sweet. I can just imagine using this to turn off the light I left on in the other room while remaining in bed and cozy under the covers at night. These could be used to turn on lights ahead of you as you walk through your dark house late at night or early in the AM. I would also love these for controlling a couple of decorate lamps in my living room that can be a little tough to turn on and off.

The DBTech Wireless Remote Control Power Outlet 5-pack is simple to set up. Able to work through walls, doors, and floors, you plug in the special receiver outlets anywhere you want to use them around the house–they work with any standard 110V outlet. You simply plug your items in, and then you can control power to the outlet by using the included battery-powered remote.

This 5-piece package is only $29.99 with free shipping on eBay Deals. Part of the eBay Deals 5-Day Deal Frenzy, this handy dandy set is wonderful for you and thoughtful as a gift, and it won’t break the bank. 


Note: While this deal is set to expire according to the clock above, the product may sell out before then.

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