3 Quick Tips for Soothing Pain at the Pump

Gas pumpGas prices seem to keep on climbing! If you are trying to save money, these rising petrol prices are probably impeding your efforts. Driving less and carpooling are ways in which you can spend less on gas, but these aren’t truly options for everyone. Even if you are able to cut back on driving, the skyrocketing prices may still waylay your efforts to spend less on fuel.

There are a lot of great ideas floating around the eBay offices on how to conserve fuel and cut back on costs, and there are tons of awesome ideas around the internet on how you can be more economical when it comes to filling up your tank. The following three quick tips for soothing pain at the pump just happen to be a few of our favorites:

1. Lighten your load. The lighter your vehicle is, the less fuel it will use. While ditching the junk in your trunk can do this, we definitely do NOT recommend getting rid of spare tires or other necessary stuff for safety and security. Not filling up your gas tank all the way helps you to keep your vehicle lighter, but this strategy might not be the safest in winter or when you are driving the long haul or in some other situations.

2. Peek at your tire pressure. One of the little things that can help to give you better gas mileage is tire pressure. Your tires shouldn’t flat or too full, so be sure to inflate them to their maximum limits, and no more. Flat tires have more friction, which will lead to more fuel being burned to make your car go, and tires that have been inflated too much could blow out and cause an accident–those are pretty costly too!

3. Decrease drag and amp up the aerodynamics. Roll up your windows, close the sun roof, and maybe even drop your truck’s tailgate. Anything that causes air to not flow efficiently over the vehicle can make you use more gas in order to go.


There are lots of other great ways to save on gas or enhance fuel economy. What’s your favorite tip?


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