10 Best Last Minute Gift Bargains

It’s about that time again. Christmas will be here before you know it, which means turkey (or maybe ham in your house), mistletoe, and endless cups of eggnog are just around the corner. Yet, everyone knows that the holiday season simply wouldn’t be complete without the traditional merriment that comes with the gift of giving to others.

If you haven’t purchased your gifts already, don’t panic–you have time. The season isn’t over, so there’s still just enough time to get a few great gifts for family and friends. Even if you’re bank account isn’t as big as Santa’s, these last minute finds are both inexpensive and always appreciated, making them some of the best last minute gift bargains.

1. Photo Frames

photo frameIf you’re stuck on what to get for friends or family, picture frames are a traditionally great gift. And an affordable present–most of the time, you can find a really fabulous picture frame for under $10. This gift also gives you more than one way to be creative–you may not want to give a plain frame. For the holidays, you can get crafty and make a bejeweled frame or decoupage the frame with meaningful images or a pretty design. And of course, don’t forget to put a picture in the frame! Giving a picture frame is both a money saver and is full of warm sentiment, making it a perfect gift last minute gift for anyone in your inner circle.

2. Scrapbooks

scrapbookIf you can’t choose one memorable moment to frame, a scrapbook allows you to frame them all! Scrapbooking kits are gifts that keep on giving and can be appreciated for years to come. You can grab a kit for $20 or less, and these setups offer a number of themes and embellishments, so you can make something centered around the holidays or personalized for your recipient’s favorite things. And you can buy pre-made if you’re really crunched for time.

3. Kitchen Gadgets

Big City Slider StationIf you struggle with finding the perfect gift, remember that for most men (and women) the way to the heart is through the stomach. Cooking a meal for a loved one can be a nice present, but if you want to give something that lasts, consider buying cool kitchen gadgets and unique devices. Some of these cost more than others, but many are really affordable. The Big City Slider Station is only $12.99 with a 67% off discount; it features a double-sided nonstick surface making it easy for stove top use and making all types of mouth-watering, beef, chicken or turkey sliders. And if you’re shopping for someone who isn’t a burger lover, there’s a lot of low-priced kitchen stuff on eBay Deals.

4. Scented Candles

scented candleIt’s true: women are hard to shop for. However, if you want to get a gift that’s almost always appreciated, consider one that looks good and smells great. Scented candles create an ambient and calming atmosphere, or even a romantic one, which makes them an exceptional gift for the holidays. You can pick up this gift at the very last minute at a very low price, and still make a great impression. Or, you can grab a few scented candles a make an unforgettable holiday basket that smells good too! And scented candles make amazing gifts for lots of men too–but you may want to select more masculine scents for them.

5. Coffee Mugs

novelty coffee mugPeople use mugs all the time for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soup, holding pens, stashing loose screws, and so on. If you give someone a mug, you know it will be used. But for friends and family members who just can live without their morning cup of Joe, a great new mug is always appreciated, especially if it’s interesting and unique! Rest assured, they’ll definitely put your mug to great use, and they will think of you and smile when they use it. You can also find a mug for $10, and pair it with a bag of gourmet coffee or quality cocoa for the perfect holiday treat.

6. Headphones

Vibe Earmuff Headphones Speakers Listen to Music in Warm Snug ComfortJust about everybody has MP3 players, smartphones, and more which all need headphones or earbuds. This makes these portable audio accessories a great gift, especially since they can be less than $5.00 per pair. A good option is something that’s warm, plays music, and is cozy all over. The Vibe Earmuff Headphone Speakers are earmuffs which make the perfect last minute holiday gift for music lovers because they come equipped with built-in headphone speakers, allowing the wearer to listen to all their favorite tunes while warm, and you can get your hands on them for only $19.99, or 84% off.

7. Media Players

d-link movie nightA media player like the Roku, Apple TV, or the Western Digital TV Live can be a very appreciated gift, but you may be wondering whether or not these can really be an “affordable” gift. However, these can be one of the best last minute gift bargains thanks to sale-pricing and offers like the refurbished D-Link Movie Nite on eBay Deals for only $25.99–after a 74% off discount. These gadgets will open up your loved one’s entertainment options exponentially.

8. Journals

journalSometimes simplicity is better than lavish when it comes to gifting. Journals are great because they can be given to virtually anyone who appreciates the art of writing–or who simply needs to take a few notes now and again. There’s a lot of variety when it comes to journals, so snag something that suits the recipient’s style; you could go plain, ornate, antique, retro, masculine, artsy, and so on. A unique, charming gift that fits into just about any budget and is also ideal for grabbing for Secret Santa exchanges, a journal is a smart pick.

9. Tablets

iRulu Android 4.0 Tablet PCIf you don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on a new computer for that special someone, you may want to snag a discounted tablet instead, like the iRulu Android 4.0 Tablet PC now on eBay Deals. This gift is only $64.99, which makes if far less that the competition. And with a tablet, your loved one can listen to music, watch movies, surf the Internet, and more–it’s like getting an MP3 player, TV, and laptop all in one (thanks to the keyboard case). This tablet is a spectacular last minute bargain!

10. Watches

michael kors watchIf you find that you are completely out of ideas for what to give someone, how about a watch? This should go without saying, but timepieces are one of those timeless gifts that never get old. As a last minute selection, you can get a watch that is brilliant for your budget and super for your recipient too. They come in all price ranges and all sorts of styles to suit any fashion or occasion. If you are buying for someone sporting, something digital that can time laps or track workouts is wonderful, but if you are buying for someone a bit more buttoned up, a formal dress watch could be just what they’ve always wanted–even if they don’t know it yet.



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