repurposing old clothing

Top 10 Ideas for Repurposing Old Clothing

Those old faded jeans that lost their glory at least 10 years ago. That beat-up t-shirt you can’t quite let go of (much to your girlfriend’s chagrin). The sweater your grandma gave you last Christmas that’s three sizes too small. We all have items in our closet that are on the chopping block, for one reason or another. But before you toss it, consider repurposing, also known as “upcycling.”

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You Can Pickle!

Get in a Pickle: Pickling in 6 Easy Steps

If you have a DIY spirit, an insatiable taste for pickled treats, and a desire to save money, you’re in luck because we’re going to show you how to pickle on your own in six steps. Dazzle party guests with pickled asparagus or jazz up your sandwich with your homemade pickles. What you do post-pickling is up to you!

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Canning Step 5-Let Jars Cool

An Introduction to Canning

We’ve all heard the buzz phrase “no preservatives” advertised on our favorite processed snacks, but this labeling usually comes with a premium price. Spend less by learning how to preserve fruits and veggies yourself. Not only will you save money by avoiding the canned food aisle at the grocery store, but you’ll also cut down on waste and have nutritious snacks throughout the year. Here’s a tutorial to help you from start to finish.

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Frugal Travel Guide: Moab

Frugal Travel Guide: Moab, UT

Our frugal travel guide series has come along into fall, and our most recent destination is Moab, UT. This picturesque small community is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts from across the globe–this town is definitely in demand. It should be no surprise that many things in Moab aren’t cheap with so many visitors, but it can be a fantastically frugal destination if done right!

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You Won’t Break (*or Bend) the Bank With These Frugal Phones

Personal phones have evolved to be a phone, computer, social connection, and mobile banking location, but who needs all these things if they’re on a tight budget? There will always be a new product or feature to out do the last, vying for money from your pockets. But do you really need all of that if you’re watching what you spend? We found some frugal phones that won’t break the bank and will give you what you need for less.

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black & decker pruning saw

Enjoy a Price Cut: Black & Decker Pruning Saw

If you’re looking for precision in your cutting jobs for upcoming projects that involve cutting through PVC or copper pipes or various lumber, then look no further than this Black & Decker Pruning Saw, now $57.99.

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Oneida Tall Drink Spoons

The Right Spoon for the Job: 81% Off Oneida Tall Drink Spoons!

Do you pride yourself on having the right pieces of silverware for a wide variety of uses? Add another set to your collection with these Oneida Tall Drink Spoons.

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Hanes Plaid Boxers

Stock Up On Skivvies: Hanes Plaid Boxers for 53% Off

Few articles of clothing rank higher on the list of things you always need than underwear. Stock up on fresh pairs for your wardrobe with this ten-pack of Hanes Plaid Boxers.

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