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The T-Shirt Makeover Guide: 15 Stunningly Simple Projects

The humble tee is a versatile clothing item. You can dress it up under a sport coat or sparkling sweater, or you can dress it way down with some small holes and splashes of mud. While wearing your t-shirt as-is isn’t out of style, some of the cool kids are giving their shirts makeovers to make them into something different, fashionable, and funky. And you can easily get in on the action with our t-shirt makeover guide! These projects are perfect for creating wearables for yourself, for loved ones as holiday gifts, or for profit—you might be able to make money off of your t-shirt creations once you get it down!

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Guide for Navigating Gift Giving Season

There are several holidays on the horizon, and they all have various gifts and traditions associated. If you celebrate one or more of these holidays, you’re probably aware of the standard types of gifts that accompany that holiday or holidays. But what if you have someone new in your life this year who celebrates a holiday that you’re not familiar with? Fear not: we’re going to walk you through a few traditional and modern gifts for some major upcoming holidays in this guide for navigating gift giving season.

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Stay Warm and Cozy Thanks to 64% Off This Plaid Winter Scarf

Unless you go to school in a small portion of the country, the weather next semester is going to be very unpleasant. Stay warm in spite of it with this Plaid Winter Scarf.

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