Is Your Pet Family? Check Your Wallet First to Answer That Question

Most family pets are more than just cuddly creatures; they’re fur babies. That’s because many people dote on dogs and cats like children. Back in 2006, a report by Pew Research gauging family intimacy showed that 85 percent of canine owners and 78 percent of feline owners considered their pet one of the family. In [...]

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Printing Money

How Money Talks: Sayings About Money from Around the World

Ever wonder what the South African spin on the saying “money talks” is? Each culture has its own set of sayings and proverbs to describe wealth and money, and in the case of South Africa, the saying goes, “Money can’t talk, yet it can make lies look true.” Here are some insightful sayings about money from around the globe that might make you think differently about your bank account statement and living a frugal lifestyle.

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Target Labor Day Event

High Quality, Low Price Target Stores Favs

As the second-largest retail store in the United States, Target Corporation’s tagline, “Expect More, Pay Less” seems to resonate with many shoppers out there. We know that that same sort of mantra resonates with eBay customers like you. During eBay’s Target Labor Day Event, you can score some great deals on everything from sporting goods and kids’ toys to home and garden items such as furniture and home decor products.

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Rosie the Riveter Metal Sign

You Can Do It: Save 66% on This Rosie the Riveter Sign

Adorn your wall with a piece of American history with this Rosie the Riveter Sign.

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ihip nfl portable idock

We’re Number One: iHip NFL Portable iDock is 58% Off!

Football season is so close you can probably taste it. Jazz up your fandom with this iHip NFL Portable iDock, now 58% off.

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