Close Up Of Shoppers Carrying Bags In Mall

In-Store vs. Online Shopping: Which is the Better Way to Buy Clothes?

According to most estimates, eCommerce counts for less than 15% of all retail sales, and very few consumers spend their money entirely in one medium or the other. It seems the fact that people can buy everything online doesn’t mean that they will. Nor, more importantly, that you should, especially when it comes to clothing.

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Long-Term Commitments: How Much Do They Really Cost?

Finding the cost of long term commitments upfront should be part of the concision making process when purchasing cars, cell phones, and pets. We often make rushed decisions on these items based on emotional responses to the new features, or the friendliness of the breed of dog, or type of animal. However, with proper research and planning (for all three of these items) you can easily find something for you that fits your lifestyle and budget.

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Frugal Living: Receipt

Inspiring Stories for Frugal Living

You may remember the story of Jack MacDonald, the modest, quiet coupon-clipper from Seattle who surprised the world when he died by leaving nearly $188 million dollars to various charities. Though he kept it a secret from those who knew him, MacDonald had grown his fortune by shrewdly investing a small inheritance he’d received from his family. While many of us might not be so lucky, here are some more true stories of frugality to inspire you on your path to saving.

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Wireless Home Surveillance Camera

Watch Over Your Family: Wireless Home Surveillance Camera for $59

You have to be abroad, but you also want to keep an eye on your family. Do both with this Wireless Home Surveillance Camera.

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Leather Heated Massage Recliner

Take a Load Off: Save 51% on This Leather Heated Massage Recliner

Even the most organized mom needs a break every once in a while. Look no further than this Leather Heated Massage Recliner.

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UGG Event

Make Them Say Oooo, Not UGG!: UGG Event

UGG boots are a fashion staple for many celebrities, fashion icons, models. You also likely see your friends, family, neighbors, classmates, and work colleagues rocking this shoe. Depending on the style, they can cost you a pretty penny. This is why the Up to 30% Off UGGS event should be screamed about from the mountain tops!

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