Which Kind of Shoe Shopper Are You?

Shoes are a wardrobe staple, but more than simple accessories, they’re a fashion necessity that can inspire passion—and even obsession. Some people go the Imelda Marcos route and collect as many pairs as humanly possible; others opt for a more frugal approach, buying only the bare minimum. There are as many footwear options as there are potholes in roads—shoe shopping is tricky terrain indeed. To figure out which kind of shoe shopper you are, take our quiz and share the results with your fellow shoe fiends.

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Logan Square, Chicago, IL

Frugal Travel: Logan Square, Chicago, IL

Logan Square has been on the up-and-up for a while, and in the last half-decade has arrived as a major-league Windy City destination. The booming neighborhood has a little something for everyone, which makes it the perfect choice for the next stop in our Frugal Travel series!

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Which Popular Sitcom Are You?

If you’re looking for a good giggle, comic relief is as close as your TV set. There’s no shortage of sitcoms that can give anyone a belly laugh. Of course, everyone’s sense of humor is different. Maybe you prefer the dry and sarcastic “deadpan” approach. Or maybe you’re more of an observational comedy fan—the type that pokes fun at the nuances of everyday life (think Seinfeld!). For every personality and humor preference, there’s likely a popular sitcom to match. What does your ideal TV comedy say about you? Hardee-har-har, LOL, and ha-ha-ha your way to the results of this quiz to discover your TV comedy counterpart, and then share the results with your friends.

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Dooney & Bourke Chevron Bailey

Save $78 on a Dooney & Bourke Chevron Bailey Bag

This Dooney & Bourke Chevron Bailey could be your new summer staple with its bright, bold pattern and lots of space for sunblock and bottled water. But don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a crazy big bag (H 11″ x W 6.5″ x L 12.75″)–but it has enough room to become your daily go-to while the weather stays warm.

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folding mountain bicycle

Folding Mountain Bicycle for Half Price!

As someone who travels often, I want one of these–especially at 49% off. This would be wonderful when I’m on the road. Before my first meeting of the day, I could pull this Folding Mountain Bicycle from my trunk and get my morning workout in while seeing some sites.

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